Terms of Use

  1. We do not print images that are pornographic, racist or offensive.
  2. If your photos have a different aspect ratio (length X height) from the selected size, they will be cropped (crop) to automatically adjust to the selected size.
  3. Returns of printed orders will NOT be accepted unless they have been damaged during shipment.
  4. In case of entering incorrect contact or delivery information, we do not take any responsibility for sending your order. In case of re-shipment due to incorrect information, the customer will be charged the shipping costs.

Privacy Policy

  1. The personal data declared anywhere on our pages (eg name, address, telephone number, etc.) are intended solely for the operation of the respective service.
  2. Any information that certifies and declares your identity remains strictly confidential, is only checked by the competent department and may not be used by any third party.
  3. Our company does not distribute any information concerning the users of the website to any natural or legal person other than the partner of the company that mediates for the execution of your transactions.
  4. The photos included in your orders are not visible or available to any third party and your final product is shipped in a secure opaque, sealed and sealed package.
  5. TRANSACTION SECURITY – Your personal information is recorded and stored in a secure database and all necessary measures are taken to protect them from attacks or hacking. Such measures include the use of firewalls, the installation of secure servers, encryption, the implementation of appropriate access rights systems and procedures, and other reasonable technical and commercial measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized use, disclosure, alteration or destruction.